The Weiss Family foundation is dedicated to improving lives through education and healthcare.

The Weiss Family Foundation is committed to finding cures and lifesaving treatments for cancer as well as a range of other diseases, and partners with like-minded individuals, foundations and institutions to support these efforts.

Mr. Weiss is the Founder and Chairman of Say Yes to Education, an organization committed to opening access to post-secondary education for students in low-income families. Mr. Weiss believes that access to post-secondary education can truly change lives, especially for students facing enormous social and financial challenges. He created Say Yes to Education in 1987 with a promise to pay the full costs of college or vocational training for 112 students at the Belmont Elementary School, located in one of Philadelphia’s most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Today, Say Yes to Education scholarships and supports are available to 140,000 students in New York, Connecticut, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

In addition to founding and growing Say Yes to Education, Mr. Weiss has given generously to the University of Pennsylvania, endowing scholarships and professorships, and funding academic and athletic centers.

In 2010 Mr. Weiss founded the Orphan Disease Pathway Project and the Orphan Disease Center at Penn Medicine.

In 2014 the Foundation entered into a collaboration with Stand Up to Cancer to provide resources for transformative cancer research.